Daily Supports


Daily supports for me include my faith and relationship with Jesus Christ, my husband, and my family. My relationship with Christ allows me to realize that this life is not my own and that I am created by my Maker with a specific purpose and path in mind. This relationship allows me to have faith and trust in seemingly bleak situations. My husband is a constant source of support and encouragement as well. He is a major rock in my life and supports me through prayer, listening, encouragement, and constant acts of selflessness and service. My family has always been a supportive presence in my life and would do just about anything to support me.

These support systems are invaluable to my life because I know that these are all people who are ‘doing life’ alongside of me and all looking out for my best interests. These relationships are also unconditional and will exist even if (and when) I fail. Existing without having my relationship with God would reflect a much less purposefully driven life. My choices and relationships would not possess the same level of hope, grace, and faith they do now. Life without these supports would be difficult but life without my faith would be hopeless and ultimately fatal.

A challenge in my life could potentially be a transition to a new job. The support systems I described above would certainly transition with me and provide the same kind of unconditional support as they currently do. They would support me through prayer, through encouragement, through helping in any way they could (if we’re talking about my mom…through sending care packages and coupons). Benefits to these support systems include having a certain level of consistency and reassurance amidst change. This kind of shift would be much more difficult without these supports. Without my faith, I would not be able to acknowledge or believe in a much bigger, better plan for my life. I wouldn’t have faith in knowing that God has a specific plan and purpose for my life and that change is sometimes part of that plan. I think I would be hopeless and empty in a lot of ways.

Without my husband and my family, the journey would not be as happy and filled with love and support as the one I have been blessed with. For these relationships that have been placed in my life and filled it with so much joy, I am eternally grateful.


3 thoughts on “Daily Supports

  1. Theressa

    I don’t see how in the World I didn’t list God. He is my all in all, I was thinking in the terms of earthly things and people. God is most definitely the head of my life and I am so thankful for everything that he does.

    Good Post,


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