Welcoming Families From Around the World


The country I chose for this assignment is Russia. In order to prepare myself to be culturally responsive to a family with this country of origin, I would do the following things:

  1. Ask the child to bring in pictures of his/her family and create a “My Family” book for the student to share with the class and have easy access to each day in order to feel more secure and comfortable in the classroom.
  2. Based on the fact that families are large and the family structure is so important to Russians, invite the whole family into the classroom for a “meet and greet” session.
  3. To better understand the family’s home life and structure, I would give the child an opportunity to draw their family and who lives in their home and then share this drawing with their class.
  4. Because grandmothers are often a lifeline of support to Russian families, I would want to incorporate and introduce this person to the classroom and create opportunities for her to volunteer in the classroom or come to a grandparent’s day.
  5. To give his/her classmates more of an opportunity to learn about Russian food, language, and other elements, I would create a share time in which students could bring in elements reflecting their cultural backgrounds.

I think these preparations would be beneficial to both myself and the family because it would advocate for the child and family in transitioning to a new culture. It would help in fostering a safe place for the child and would help in cultivating a relationship with the student and partnership with the parents.


(n.d.). In MasterRussian.com. Retrieved February 21, 2015, from http://masterrussian.com/russianculture/russian_family.htm


6 thoughts on “Welcoming Families From Around the World

  1. Hi Renee, I enjoyed reading your discussion post about welcoming families from around the world. I truly love your ideas as they are similar thoughts that I shared in mine. I guess many of us think a like! I read over a lot of great ideas of welcoming the family. Your ideas are good ways to make the child feel welcomed and at home. Having her family pictures accessible to her in the classroom is a good way for her to keep them near her during the day. I also love the idea of having the grandmother coming out to volunteer in the classroom. Any kind of family interaction is good for children to have at school.


  2. Hi Renee, I enjoyed reading your ideas of how to make the child from Russia feel comfortable in your class. You gave some really good ideas that I wish I had thought of. I had a different approach which thinking back now I’m not sure if I did mine correctly. Well nice blogging with you. Joy Manley


  3. Renee,
    You have some great ideas and it is apparent that you did your research on Russian culture. Many of your ideas are the same as what I would do. I think my favorite idea is your final one of having the students share elements of their cultural backgrounds. This is something I definitely want to implement in my classroom next year.


  4. Renee,

    I really enjoyed reading your fives ways in which to prepare to be culturally responsive towards the family. The idea about the photo book was such a great one. I think that pictures that the children can see on a daily basis will definitely make them feel close to their family while they are away at school in a different environment and give them a sense of comfort.



  5. Hi Renee,
    I really like the idea of a “family album” being created and left in the classroom. Especially for the young children, this is an important way to feel close to their family during school hours and also as a teaching tool for the teacher and other students. I love ideas that are valuable on so many levels. I also think it’s important that teachers understand the way a family values extended members and also include them in the classroom. I’m sure all these ideas help the child to feel welcomed and comfortable in your class.


  6. Renee,
    I think almost everyone had some of the same ideas as how to welcome families into the classroom from around the world. I agree that when you are able to communicate and connect with the families about their children needs and wants, then you will have a good bond of trust among everyone involved. We have children from different cultures from time to time and I try to make sure I do my research so that the families and their children are felt welcomed and invited into my classroom. I think as educators it is our job to make our families feel valued and important. Good Post!


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