Getting Ready—Expanding Horizons and Expanding Resources


After several attempts of trying to access the World Forum websites, I was unable and chose to research The Global Fun for Children: This organization identifies groups and organizations working with children from around the world, develops and invests in these partnerships with the intention of specifically aiding these groups of children, and advises and strengthens these established partnerships both monetarily and through the establishment of broader networks and connections. These are all reasons I was drawn to this website and organization. I was also intrigued by the initial model statement on their website: “We believe in creating partnerships, not dependencies” (The Global Fun for Children. 2017). From what I have researched on this website, this group looks to reach and serve some of the world’s most vulnerable children through partnership with and grants to community-based groups serving these groups of children. I am eager to learn more about this organization and ways they accomplish this goal, ways they identify these groups in need, and how they are able to raise funds to provide for such grants.

I also chose to research the National Association for the Education of Young Children:

Part of the reason for selecting this website was that it was one in which I could access both the site and additional resources. Another reason was the commitment of this organization to outline and support Early Childhood Education best practices. I believe I am and wish to continue to be an advocate for this field and specifically, the children in my Kindergarten classroom and am excited to tap into this website for ideas, resources, and education as it pertains to this goal.


National Association of Child Care Resource & Referral Agencies

The Global Fund for Children 



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