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The organization I have been researching is The National Association for the Education of Young Children, or NAEYC. In reading some of the more recent articles on here, one in particular caught my attention. This particular article is entitled “Promoting Preschoolers’ Emergent Writing” and discusses the need for writing to be more explicitly and intentionally taught and practiced in early years, beginning in preschool programs (Byington, 2017). This article caught my attention because writing is constantly an area in which my incoming Kindergarteners constantly struggle and have had very little previous exposure to. This article confirms that emergent writing experiences often tend to be nonexistent (Byington, 2017). With learning standards and expectations as high as they are in Kindergarten, we need to develop ways to infuse emergent writing experiences into preschool and early childhood care facilities.

Another article I read examines circle time, free play, and field trips, all integral parts of a Kindergarten classroom and routine, according to the founder of Kindergarten, Friedrich Froebel. Patty Smith Hill was a Kindergarten reformer who developed curriculum based on free play and child-initiated activities (Tunks and Ranck, 2017). Free play, especially, is often a controversial topic in the education world, as many people outside of the early childhood profession argue its worth. This article reaffirmed to me the importance of these three elements, but especially the need for free play in the classroom. It even provided some ideas and suggestions for incorporating this into my classroom.

Information on this website aides in my understanding of how economists, neuroscientists, and politicians support the early childhood field in that NAEYC is constantly hosting events as well as forums to promote the study and research of the early childhood field. I also learned that these groups have become more invested in promoting early childhood best practices and research due to the fact that this is seen as an investment opportunity in America’s future.

Other recently published articles I explored on this site led me to the realization that the United States really should be taking less of a globally competitive stance and more of a collaborative perspective on early childhood and education in terms of learning from and working with other countries to develop more sound practices and programs that ultimately benefit the whole child.





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Tunks, K. W., & Ranck, E. R. (2017, November). Our Proud Heritage. Circle Time, Free Play, and Field Trips: Legacies of Pioneers in Early Childhood Education. In The National Association for the Education of Young Children. Retrieved November 23, 2017, from


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