Global Development in Early Childhood


In exploring Harvard’s “Global Children’s Initiative” website, I learned that a highly effective collaborative organization called the Núcleo Ciência Pela Infância (NCPI) exists in Brazil to foster an early childhood-centered, science-driven movement. This organization accomplishes this goal continually “through training Brazilian policy makers on how to apply developmental science to inform programs and policies” (Harvard University, 2017).

Secondly, I watched a video entitled “Brain Builders” that was created by The Alberta Family Wellness Initiative (AFWI) of Canada. This video was very visually engaging and gave a wonderful four minute presentation on the importance of how nurturing relationships, healthy activities, and intentional best practices can seriously influence the architecture of a child’s brain. This video projects a sense of urgency that teachers, families, and communities heed this advice—and its warnings—to help facilitate healthy and early development in children. I would highly recommend this short video.

Lastly, I learned of a partnership directed by Grand Challenges Canada, “Saving Brains” that seeks to better the end-game for children living in poverty via targeted interventions that aim to support and safeguard early brain development in the first 1,000 days of a child’s life (Grand Challenges Canada, 2017). I was drawn to this organization’s mission of proactively tackling potential issues related to socioeconomics as they pertain to a child’s brain development beginning the very first day of their lives.

It was humbling to look into this website and research the organizations it partners with. I think it can get really easy to become overwhelmed or bogged down by the immense task of facilitating healthy child development and providing all this entails on a daily basis to the children whose lives we effect on a daily basis. It is humbling and affirming to know that there are groups and organizations doing this good work on much bigger scales on a daily basis to advocate for children.



Harvard University. (2017). In Working Globally. Retrieved from



One thought on “Global Development in Early Childhood

  1. It is interesting that no matter what country, professionals have an understanding from researched based science that brain development is important. These organizations are using this information educate professionals and improving development in children.


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