Research that Benefits Children and Families—Uplifting Stories


When I initially was thinking about the scenario of being able to choose any research topic unrestricted by present realities that could contribute significantly to the wellbeing of children and families, the ideas circulating in my brain seemed endless. My thoughts led me to issues of poverty, to the rise of increasing academic rigor and standards to the downfall of early childhood developmental best practice, to the need children have for creative play, to the ugly effects trauma has to the developing brain, to the plasticity of the brain; the possibilities were limitless! This assignment made me like Aladdin, rubbing the golden lamp and wishing for three things. When I really think about it, this really would be one of those three wishes. I would want to research ways we can counteract the trauma and effects of poverty on the developing child.

I believe positive contributions could include establishing a deeper understanding for the ways in which poverty truly effects children from an early age. I also believe that if this research was established on a profound level, ways to counteract this issue may elicit the need for quality care, education, and interventions and provoke a sense of urgency in investing in this glaring need.


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