Research Around the World


I opted to explore the Early Childhood Australia page. Current international research topics on this organization’s website include STEM in early childhood education, how to facilitate environments in which children thrive and are able to ask higher level thinking questions to improve their learning, how to foster supportive, nurturing relationships with children in early childhood environments and settings, how to cultivate “living spaces” in which children are engaged in learning, exploring, and problem solving, inclusion and exclusion, giftedness, among many others (Early Childhood Australia, n.d.).

Learning resources available on this site include a section entitled “modules” that offer videos, text, and interactive activities that provide useful information on best practices in early childhood education. Modules are posted every six weeks and focus on a variety of topics. There is also a webinars portion that offers online conferences. “Live Wires” is a section that provides information on how to effectively utilize technology and digital media tools; perspectives range from children, to families, to researchers and educators. There is also a great parent resource tool that offers advice and helpful information to parents in regards to child development, ideas to infuse learning into daily tasks and activities, information on health and nutrition, how to foster healthy mental and emotional health, and other helpful resources for parents.

My research simulation topic involves how play fosters healthy cognitive and social-emotional development in children and I noticed that this site has a module entitled “The Value of Play.” This may prove to be a helpful resource that I return to in the future. This site also discusses and provides resources and tools for an early childhood initiative called “Kids Matter” that focuses on children’s mental health. This is another tool I am excited about returning to.



Early Childhood Australia, (n.d.) Early Childhood Australia Leadership Program, Retrieved from,


One thought on “Research Around the World

  1. Hi Renee,

    Thanks for sharing this resource I plan to share with other ECE professionals to use as a tool when working with child care staff. STEM is a great program to get children to get think, create and solve problems on their own.


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