Exemplary Communicator


When reading over this week’s blog assignment, one person who instantly came to my mind as an exemplary communicator is my pastor. My husband and I have attended the same church for about six years and have done so in part to the message that is preached and practiced here, but also largely to how well it is communicated. Behaviors he demonstrates that attribute to his communication skills include honesty, empathy, love, and compassion. Honesty is crucial here because it is important to trust someone in a position like this. It is also important because it lends to his credibility and relatability. Empathy is important in making him a successful communicator in that he is able to relate with people he speaks with and to.

Earlier this year, one of my former students died of a rare brain disease called DIPG. My pastor spoke at this sweet boy’s funeral and even though many people who attended do not regularly attend church, they were comforted, felt loved, felt safe, and there were even times that they laughed. Many of these individuals attended my church in the following weeks based on this connection.

Love and compassion play a significant role in effective communication in that people have an innate desire for these things and ultimately need to feel cared about. I would absolutely want to model my own communication skills after my pastor’s. His ability to communicate honest, heart-felt, relevant messages week after week and to do so with such compassion and empathy are definite models to me.


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