Nonverbal communication


I chose to watch an episode of “Friends.” When I watched an episode without the sound, the characters’ relationships seemed to ebb and flow. Based on body language and facial expressions, you could tell the characters went through several emotions including happiness, humor, sadness, empathy, and love. These emotions fluctuated throughout the episode. You can also tell the major characters have a close bond between the six of them because they are constantly within close proximity of one another and exhibit very comfortable mannerisms between each other. It seems as though four of the six characters have a romantic love connection.

In watching this same episode with sound, I realized that only two of the characters have a romantic love connection, not four. One of the couples have a baby together, but are not romantically involved. Aside from this assumption I made that was incorrect, I was able to understand and track a lot more of the episode without sound than I initially thought I would. Being attune to characters’ body language, facial expressions, changes, and movement made the show much easier to comprehend and track than I would have originally thought. This was an interesting and fun exercise that reminded me of how important nonverbal communication skills can be to communication.


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