Communicator Evaluations


Communication is happening all around us and something we should be aware of in our own daily lives. Especially as educators, the need for effective communication skills is pertinent in our profession. In completing the communication assessments, I wasn’t too surprised with the outcomes of each. On the Listening Styles Profile, I scored a 35, which indicated that I am a people-oriented person. I scored within this range when my husband and sister completed the assessment as well. I scored a 64 on the Verbal Aggressive Scale, which was a moderate rating. I scored within this range on my husband and sister’s assessments as well. My husband and sister’s scores on this assessment were both higher than my own. When evaluating this, I realized that these two individuals are by far, two of the closest relationships I have, therefore, know me the best and see the most raw, transparent sides of me. I am also around them more often than most, which is why their higher scores made sense to me. I scored a 40 on the communication anxiety inventory. My husband scored me within this mild range, while my sister scored within the low range. This was the most surprising to me, as I’ve never LOVED public speaking, but in talking to her about it, she sees my confidence and outgoing nature attributing to a natural ease of communication.


One thought on “Communicator Evaluations

  1. Nice blog. I asked my husband to complete an assessment of me too and his scores were higher than my own. to me, that confirms perception and how we see ourselves other see us differently. Also, based on our schemas how we communicate and what we communicate about would change the way were are viewed based on the way we present ourselves ( O’Hair, D., Wiemann, M. 2015).


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