Communicating through conflict


When I think about a recent conflict I’ve had with a colleague, I believe one effective strategy in dealing with this is responsiveness. This is one of the three R’s and refers to being sensitive and observant to cues. These include body language, emotional responses and triggers and catering a response accordingly. I think this strategy would prove effective based on its roots in empathy and compassion towards the other individual. The second strategy I would utilize in confronting this situation would be respect. This is another one of the three R’s. While this seems elementary, it is something we need to remind ourselves of in the midst of struggle and conflict. At times, respect forces us to abandon our pride or emotions within the situation to adequately meet the individual where they are.

In speaking with colleagues about this topic, they agreed that respect and responsiveness are crucial in dealing with communication issues. They also added that honesty and compassion go a long way in dealing with conflicts.


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