When I think about the adjourning phase in terms of groups I have participated in, I believe high-performance groups that were able to work effectively together to produce high quality results are difficult to leave. However, I also think groups are difficult to adjourn based on personal connections that are established. I have taught for six years in my current district and recently accepted a position on the other side of the state to be closer to my family. While this district is very poverty-stricken, has had numerous administrative turnovers, and constantly struggles to improve test scores, this was a very difficult team and position to leave. The main reason was due to the human connections I’ve made over the past six years. Saying goodbye to numerous kiddos, families, and staff that have taken up such a stronghold in my heart was just heartbreaking, as these are relationships I have poured into. The closing ritual wasn’t anything fancy, as my new job offer occurred very close to the last day of school. However, my principal pulled everyone together to let people know that I would not be returning to the district and said some very nice things. This “closing ritual” continued in the following days as I received cards, gifts, and people stopping by my classroom to offer up their well wishes and goodbyes as I was packing up.

I think the adjourning phase of graduate school here at Walden will occur through blog and discussion responses. There is so much I’ve learned through my colleagues here and the sharing of their learning, personal experiences, and advice. I’m grateful for everyone who has helped contribute to my journey while at Walden!


One thought on “Adjourning….

  1. Leaving a supportive group is never easy but one must do what they have to do to better themselves. I hope that your return to the district is fulfilling, I know that once you achieve your Master’s degree that will leave you feeling a sense of accomplishment.

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