Jobs/Roles in the ECE Community: National/Federal Level


The National Association for the Education of Young Children, or the NAEYC focuses on improving children’s well-being. This group focuses on improving developmental and educational practices and services for children from birth through the age of 8. NAEYC offers an accreditation program for high-quality early childhood programs, sponsors various enterprises geared towards enhancing professional development opportunities for educators, and creates numerous early childhood resources. During my time at Walden, I have obtained so many valuable resources and learned so much from this organization that I think it would be enlightening and inspiring to work at an organization such as this and continue to build my professional repertoire. The position of Deputy Executive Director for Early Learning Systems sounds like an interesting one. This position may require an administration degree, as the individual who currently holds the position has her M.S. in Educational Administration.

Zero to Three is another organization that intrigues me. This group works to nurture the healthy development of children from infancy to the age of three, as well as their families. This organization also works to educate and support adults who work with this age group of children. I have taught lower elementary for the last nine years (Kindergarten and first grade) and think working for an organization such as this would help me to broaden my frame of reference in regards to the early childhood field and could potentially influence the developmental approach I take in my classroom. I was specifically drawn to the Director of the National Center on Early Childhood Development, Teaching and Learning position within this organization as I would love to work on a large-scale level to impact teaching, learning, and early childhood development. Based on the individual’s skills who currently holds this position, a social work degree is important, as well as clinical experience with mental health issues. This individual was also formerly the director of the Early Head Start National Resource Center for 20 years.

Lastly, the Association for Childhood Education International or ACEI is an organization dedicated to collaborating with educators and early childhood advocates from around the globe in order to pool resources, exchange information, and advocate for children. The ultimate goal of this organization is for children in every country to have access to high quality education. I LOVE so much about this organization’s goals regarding unity, collaboration and promoting advocacy for children and would love to work with an international group, as I believe the multiple global perspectives and experiences would provide constant learning and challenges. More specifically, the Director of Global Schools First looks to be an intriguing position, as this individual promotes global citizenship education. Skills needed for this position would most likely be a Ph.D. in international policy as well as education and field experience in various countries. I would LOVE the travel piece of this position!




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