Jobs/Roles in the ECE Community: Internationally


The first international organization that appealed to me was the Save the Children organization. This organization works to ensure that children from around the world are given a healthy start. This organization is among some of the first responders when a crisis hits. Save the Children works in 120 countries to educate families and bring health and protection programs to these places. Having traveling abroad and seeing a small snapshot of the poverty, health issues, and lack of education and resources, this organization tugged at my heartstrings. A current position available in this organization is the Family Services Coordinator. This individual provides support services to Head Start and/or Early Head Start families and helps educate these families and provide them with access to local resources available to them. They work together to establish goals and encourage parent involvement in their child’s education. This interests me because I have worked with families in poverty who simply want to do better or provide for their families but are simply at a loss as to how to do this. I would love to work with families in this capacity. Skills required for this job include an Associates social work degree, at least one year of Head Start involvement, and three years’ work experience in a position that directly relates to family services.

The second organization that stood out to me was UNESCO. This organization is dedicated to working to “create the conditions for dialogue among civilizations, cultures and peoples, based upon respect for commonly shared values” (UNESCO, 2011). UNESCO is dedicated to establishing peace, eliminating poverty, and building sustainable development. These are all goals that made me want to be a part of this organization. A position currently available within this organization that I found to be intriguing is the “chief of section.” This individual is responsible for “the overall coordination, planning, development, and management of a fundraising strategy directed at the private sector, the European Union, Multilateral Development Banks and other UN organizations to mobilize resources and support accountability of transparent contribution management” (UNESCO, 2011). This position requires Advanced University degree in International Relations, Marketing, Business Development, Economics, Management or in other fields of competence of UNESCO. The individual needs at least 10 year of progressive professional experience in fundraising and resource mobilization, preferably with some international experience. Experience is also required in running a major fundraising program, leadership in resource mobilization with a UN agency or something similar, and experience effectively communicating with senior private sector executives and donors.

The last organization that appealed to me is Compassion International. I chose this organization because I have sponsored a child from Columbia through this organization for many years. Compassion is a Christian organization that works to provide aide and sponsorships to children from around the world. Compassion provides a holistic approach to reaching children in need. Child development programs exist within this organization to “provide opportunities that encourage healthy development in four areas — spiritual, physical, social and economic” (Compassion International, 2018). A position that is not currently available but that appealed to me is the Child Protection Advisor. This individual works to ensure that child protection concerns are a priority. This alone drew me to this position, as I have a huge heart for children and goal for advocating for them, as many cannot do this for themselves. This position requires prior field experience in impoverished environments, a Masters degree in Social Work, Human Rights Law, International Relations, or Development Studies, and extensive experience related to child protection.




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