Time Well Spent


Something I’m really taking away from this class is that there is power and advocacy in numbers. It can often seem as though we are the only ones or one of few advocating for certain things in our field. However, through the building of my COP, learning I gained from my colleagues, and the realization that there are so many individuals and organizations advocating for these things I care so deeply about, I was reaffirmed that I am not alone in these endeavors. I also realized the importance of addressing any personal biases I may have in order to become the most effective educator I can be. Lastly, I took away the power of continuing to educate ourselves in our field, seek mentors, and being able to reflect on our own practice.

One long-term goal I have for myself is to continue to learn, advocate for, and implement play into my classroom on a daily basis. I want to develop my COP and bring about more advocacy for this topic with the help and varying perspectives of these individuals.

To Dr. Ernst, thank you so much for your patience in responding to my questions and at times, back-to-back emails! Your feedback and thoughtfulness certainly did not go unnoticed and I learned a lot in this course! To my colleagues, I so appreciate you all sharing pieces of yourself, being vulnerable, and contributing to my learning during my time at Walden. Blessings to all of you as you continue to advocate for children, families, and our field! We’ve got this!


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